Having an employee wellness program in place in your business can really benefit not only the staff but your company as a whole. Here we are going to look at why you should think about putting an employee wellness program in place.


Reduced healthcare costs

Implementing an employee wellness program can lower the healthcare costs for your business. Johnson & Johnson famously implemented their wellness program across multiple countries and found that they were saving millions on healthcare for their employees.

Higher employee engagement

Employees who have a wellness program have proven to be more engaged. This is because their engagement can be directly linked with having better health – something which a wellness program provides. Employees that feel they are being supported will be more motivated to work hard and perform at their best.

Productivity improves

Higher productivity from employees can also be linked to wellness programs. Millions are lost each year due to employees having to take time off work because of health or family issues. Employers who are considering implementing an employee wellness program will see improved productivity from their employees.

More satisfaction for employees

Employee wellness programs give staff higher satisfaction in their role. Taking place in these programs helps staff be more satisfied with their daily duties. It also gives your employees more faith in you and that they will be supported should they need it.

Reduced absences

Having a wellness program in place can reduce the amount of time your employees need to take off work. With this program in place, they are less likely to take time out from work without a real reason.

Better business morale

Across the company, employee morale will be much more positive with the presence of an employee wellness program. This is because the program has been designed so that staff will all come together, building stronger relationships within the business. They will also feel they are being taken care of by an employer that truly cares about their overall wellbeing.

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