Educational Talks

Educational Talks

About Educational Talks

Patients who choose to take up care will be invited to a one off educational talk on alternate Monday and Wednesday evenings with one of the Directors where they will be introduced to the alternative paradigm of health care for themselves and their loved ones. As well as being furnished with tips on how to maximize the benefits of their care.

We also hold other talks on various subjects periodically throughout the year.

Chiropractic Care


Why Get Chiropractic Adjustments?

There are a lot of misconceptions about chiropractic and how chiropractors are trained. In fact, did you know many chiropractic programs also incorporate advanced nutrition training?

Chiropractic care is a more natural approach to treating back pain and many other health conditions than constant medicating and invasive procedures. Every ache, pain, and symptom in our bodies has an underlying cause. Though medication can offer temporary relief, it cannot correct functional problems of negatively affected spinal joints.

Moreover, chiropractic care is safe! We look to correct the underlying cause of the problem rather than simply masking the pain. Pain and symptoms are warning signs. Because the nervous system controls every cell and organ in your body, as your chiropractor, we will focus our attention on the health of your spine being properly aligned and, if there are misalignments, helping the spine come back into alignment, creating proper function.

The discs between spinal bones can also be a source of pain. These rings of fibrous tissues act as connectors, and shock absorbers for the spine. Various types of trauma cause the soft, pulpy material in the middle to bulge which puts pressure on delicate nearby nerves. This affects the rest of your body through the central nervous system. The simplicity and success of a chiropractic approach to pain is popular among patients who want to avoid both risky surgery and constant discomfort.

Adjusting techniques are modified for each individual patient according to their unique spinal issues.

Many things can lead to a vertebral subluxation. Some of the more common causes we have found are:

  • A vertebra going out of place (“misalignment”) because of a slip or fall (i.e., "macrotrauma")
  • The entire spine misaligning globally due to poor posture.
  • Joint swelling caused by damage done to the intervertebral joint.
  • An inflammatory response caused by a poor diet, lack of pure water or psychological stress.
  • Osteoporosis or degenerative changes of the spine or intervertebral discs.
  • Trigger points and tight back muscles that pull the vertebrae out of place.

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People have reported that Chiropractic helps in the following:

  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Migraines + Headaches
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Knee & Ankle Pain
  • Sciatica
  • Tingling + Numbness
  • Postural Abnormalities
  • Tension & Inability to relax

Patients Say The Nicest Things

Don’t just take our word for it! Here is what our patients have to say about us.

Until I visited Ridgeway I thought that finally, age had caught me and pain was going to become both a sleeping and walking partner. It’s only after a few treatments that you realise his stiff your body was and how you had gotten accustomed to it.

Lucinda Green

I came seeking help for my arthritic ankles. I have very little swelling now after 8 treatments and, they used to ache a lot before but now there is no pain. I can move them better. I am very satisfied with what I am having, I hope Mediloop works for everyone.


I would like to thank you for what you have achieved with my neck and thoracic spine. My husband wanted me to see you a few years ago, but I had had physiotherapy and osteopathy, I did not think a chiropractor would achieve anything.

Dawn Light

After being treated at this practise I have so much more mobility in my neck after not being able to turn my head at all! I feel so much fitter than before and would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody involved in my care.

Ron Burtenshaw

After nearly 6 years of persistent and virtually daily headaches following a cycling accident, and having endured multiple GP/Hospital visits and treatments. I’ve been almost headache free since chiropractic treatment started.

Mike Mattingley
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