As we age we often feel more aches and pains as we make our way through the day. Very often pain that is due to inflammation is treated with medication, but there is another way. Chiropractic care can help to relieve this pain and other age-related health matters. Below we explore the many benefits of chiropractic care for older adults.

Chiropractic care for older adults

Pain relief the natural way

The biggest reason that older adults seek chiropractic care is for pain relief. This can be in the form of targeted manipulation of the muscles and joints of the spine. The source of the pain is tackled, as opposed to treating the pain with medication, which can be difficult in older patients due to varying medical conditions. It should also be noted that medication merely masks pain, it doesn’t tackle the cause of pain.

Greater sense of well-being

When older adults receive regular chiropractic care then this can have a positive impact on their well-being and can greatly improve quality of life. Joints will feel less stiff and movement becomes more fluid and pain-free, resulting in greater freedom to carry out daily activities/.

Reduced risk of falls

Regular chiropractic care can greatly reduce the risk of falls in older adults. The reason for this is because it helps the older person to retain balance and good posture while encouraging them to stretch and exercise; in turn, this then helps to build strength.

Helps keep joints healthy

As we age we are at a greater risk of arthritis. Regular chiropractic care ensures the spine is aligned properly which reduces the risk of spinal stress and wear and tear that can damage the spine, leading to degeneration of the spine and joints.

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