Pain is a natural part of life. Or, so we are led to believe.

Whilst chronic pain may be an expected symptom of your condition, it can be managed so that it does not impact on your life.

The most traditional method of pain management is through medication, but this addresses the symptom rather than the cause.

Managing Your Pain

Chiropractic Manipulation

Very successful therapy for managing neck and back pain is a regular course of chiropractic manipulation.

Through careful hands-on manipulation of the back, shoulders and neck a chiropractor will be able to identify how your body works and what will be needed to manage the pain, improve the mobility of the spine and get you moving.

Mediloop Therapy

A new treatment which can manage joint pain, arthritic pain and sports injuries is the Mediloop Therapy.

Using electromagnetic energy Mediloop pumps regular magnetic pulses into the body, using a treatment loop to direct it to the affected part. This enables the cells to rejuvenate, alleviating pain and helping your body to heal itself.

Ridgeway is one of the first places in the UK to offer this non-invasive treatment.


Some conditions are exacerbated by poor diet, especially if the pain is caused by inflammation. Therefore, by reducing or eliminating your intake of sugar, refined carbs and processed meats and eating more nuts and fatty fish, you can help to improve your general health.

Whilst food alone may not be the cause of pain, adopting a nutritional diet can help to ensure you have a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Couple this with a carefully planned exercise programme and you can increase mobility, feel healthier, and reduce pain and joint stiffness.

If you would like to speak to a consultant about managing your symptoms of pain, contact the team at Ridgeway Health and Wellness to see how we can help you get moving.

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