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The revolution in Health Care is underway and the purpose of Ridgeway Health and Wellness is to be a leader of this revolution in England. A study by the American Medical Association reports that people are seeking health care that is congruent with their own values, beliefs and philosophical orientations towards life and health. In our experience, in the thousands of people we have helped recover from a wide range of health conditions, that this is also true here in England. Our aim is to always explain clearly the objectives of chiropractic care and what patients seeking chiropractic services may expect. It is important to us that you and your family understands the role that chiropractic could play in your health care needs, chiropractic is not an alternative therapy, rather chiropractic presents a separate, distinct and necessary element in everyone’s quest for health.

The World Health Organisation defines health as optimum physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. This is the goal of chiropractors like those here at Ridgeway Health and Wellness, working to eliminate interference in the nervous system which chiropractors call subluxations, with a persons innate potential for health and well being. There is only one thing that is more powerful than an idea whose time has come and that is clinics like Ridgeway Health and Wellness that have the passion, commitment and skill, powered by state of the art technology to make the idea a reality.

A chiropractic lifestyle is an idea whose time has come and we welcome the chance to help you and your families’ genetic potential for health and wellbeing.

Our Approach

Patients for over 100 years have experienced a fuller expression of health and life through regular Chiropractic care. We do not believe that health is just the result of effectively treating a symptom. To be healthy you should eat nutritious food every day, take regular exercise and have a nervous system (which enables us to adapt to every physical, emotional and chemical stress we experience) free of interference and so as to express your full human potential. We believe that this is the future of health care and we are proud to be leaders in this approach.
Our commitment to providing bespoke chiropractic care, advising and supporting clients to achieve a healthier lifestyle and delivering a first class customer care service has been the drive in developing Ridgeway Health and Wellness.

Meet the Team

Our dedicated team members have extensive experience in the field and are always happy to greet and assist you here at Ridgeway Health & Wellness.

Our Mission

The purpose of this clinic is to support as many people as possible in their quest for optimal health and to educate them about Chiropractic and encourage them to educate others. Provide lifelong Chiropractic wellness care to our patients and their families. Enable the body to express its maximum genetic potential through the elimination of the vertebral subluxation complex.

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  • Sharon Rackham Avatar

    Ridgeway Health and Wellness was recommended to me by a friend in February. I have always suffered with my back and went to a chiropractor every 3months. But in February I woke up one morning and was in a great deal of pain and it progressively got worse.I went to RH&W where they took X-rays and scans ( never had before anywhere else) and was told I was near to going to hospital as it was pretty bad it had caused me to a trapped nerve known as sciatica and other issues. I have never had pain like it, I couldn’t drive I struggled to walk, was of work for 7 weeks. But now things couldnt be better, I still have a long way to go but with there help and knowledge I am well on my way to a better me. They are not your normal Chiropractor, they have all there own X-ray equipment and there own gym, very friendly staff.It will be a way of life for me now and will always go there.I will never ever forget the pain I was in and can’t thank them enough for everything they have done, I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone they are amazing.

    Sharon Rackham 10/06/18
  • Colin Scull Avatar

    Made to feel very welcome and everything is explained fully. Feeling the benefit already! Highly recommend.

    Colin Scull 10/05/18
  • Mike Kyffin Avatar

    Ridgeway Health and Wellness have made a considerable difference in the quality of my life and wellness over the last ten years living with lumbar spine subluxation. The advice they give is pragmatic, involved and balanced. They give their patients all the necessary information and encouragement in a clearly laid out plan. Thanks to them I have the freedom from pain and discomfort. Working together and taking equal responsibility I’m now a far fitter and healthier person. They have helped me become a better person as a result. It is a genuine joy to meet genuine human beings who engender care from the moment you walk through the door into reception.

    Mike Kyffin 10/12/18
  • Hello There Avatar

    Perfect treatment, perfect staff. If you want to get better, with patience and the right treatment you will be looked after by professionals. I wish I'd found these guys sooner. I can feel a difference after 9 visits and look forward to every appointment knowing I'm getting better.

    Hello There 10/05/17

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