Currently, our lives are changing and we’re having to rethink, reevaluate and make do with how things currently are. One of those things is working – many of us are not able to work as we normally would, and have had to bring our work to our home. It’s no surprise that most of us weren’t prepared for this! As a result, we find ourselves sitting in makeshift offices with less than ideal desks and chairs.

While we’re making the best of this situation, we can do harm on our bodies without realising. Sitting at the dining table, on the sofa or on the bed can really upset our posture. It’s crucial that you make sure your back is supported in this time, so you should try your best to take frequent breaks from your work, do stretches and stay active. Invest in a proper chair that will help your back and posture if you can.

How should you sit?

The key to working from home is sitting in a relaxed position; straining your neck and back will only cause aches and pains hitta mera. Listen to what your body is telling you. If your neck and shoulders are hurting then consider if it’s your computer monitor – is it too low down? See if there a way you can make it more eye level as this will alleviate the strain on your neck.

Sitting in a position that is too rigid can cause back pain. You want to avoid sitting completely straight as this can put extra strain on your hips – proper desk chairs can usually alleviate this problem, but if you are sat at a rigid chair in the dining room then you may have more of a problem. The solution here is to get up and move around frequently. Be sure to change positions a few times an hour to avoid stiffness and increase your circulation.

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