What does a chiropractor do?

Chiropractors spee in addressing several conditions (see below) by using techniques to align the body’s structure, which can help the body to heal itself. Sometimes this is used on its own or as an alternative to surgery and medication
An examination is given before any treatment to ensure this is the best course of treatment.

How chiropractic treatments can benefit babies

One benefit is to improve the immune system. Any misalignment in the spine can lead to the nerve pathways becoming aggravated. Babies’ immune systems tend to be less developed than ours. Chiropractic care can adjust the spine and as a result, improve your baby’s immune system.

It can also help with growth and development. When your baby starts to lift their head or sit, the neck and back can sometimes become curved and without correction, this can lead to problems.

Ear infections can also be helped by a chiropractor. Manipulating the upper neck vertebrae can help with the process of draining the ear, alongside other treatments and antibiotics.

Another benefit is to correct any damage incurred during a difficult delivery. A chiropractor can also help if your baby suffers from colic.

Is it safe?

The chiropractor will apply less pressure when treating a baby than he/she would be with an adult patient and will have attended specific courses on adjusting this group. Babies are more fragile than adults and the care is specifically designed to be gentler and safer, so the training reflects that.

In some cases, the baby may cry as a result of the position she/he has to lie in. Although, the chiropractor will often do everything they can to make the baby comfortable and ease any potential discomfort.

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