Many office-based workers will be aware of their posture when they work. In an office environment, it is easier to have access to the equipment to help, with a proper desk and chair set up that lends itself to better posture.

But with many of us working from home, possibly for the foreseeable future, it is important that you are mindful of your posture in a less than ideal environment, and addressing the impact that posture has on your nervous system and health.

The way you sit could be affecting how you work. This is all to do with brain/body function – good spinal alignment, supported by correct posture ensures that your brain can communicate well with your body. 

Your head is heavy – roughly the weight of a bowling ball. Forward head posture will increase this weight, and the strain on the muscles in your neck. Sitting upright allows the weight of your head to be distributed evenly through the joints of your neck and therefore reduce the strain. 

This strain can have a direct effect on how your pre-frontal cortex functions. The pre-frontal cortex is key in critical thinking, concentration and emotions. 

Have you found that throughout the day, particularly if your posture is poor, you experience brain fog, decreased mood and lack of focus – this may be exacerbated when working from home if you don’t have a proper office set up. Sitting at the dining table, slouched in bed or on the sofa with a laptop, does not encourage proper posture and you may find that your mood and concentration are affected more than when you are at the office.

Luckily small changes can help with this like changing your seating position and being mindful of your posture. Avoid sitting on the sofa, or reclining in bed to work – it is best to sit upright, on a supportive chair. Ensure your head is in an upright position, with your ears lining up with your shoulders and your eyes looking at the top third of the screen or monitor. If using your phone, hold it up so the screen is level with your eyes, to decrease neck strain. 

As Chiropractors, we can also help by addressing your fundamental spinal alignment and function, as well as looking at and helping correct any postural changes. As part of our care, we can also give exercises to support your spinal stability. 

If you are struggling with your posture, or think that your body/brain function could use some improvement – contact us today to find out how we can help.

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