Are My Headaches Normal?

Since almost half of the world’s adult population has experienced a headache at one point in their lives, we tend to think it isn’t a big deal. We pop a painkiller, take a nap, massage our temples and keep moving. But here’s the thing—you don’t have to live like that.

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The Headache Myth Debunked

There are tons of different reasons why headaches happen: accidents, injuries, diet, stress, poor posture—even texting or staring too long at a computer screen. Want to know the truth? Your problem isn’t actually a headache. Headaches are a symptom, meaning that the actual root cause of your pain is still there even when your headaches come and go or when you take paracetamol.
So, back to our original question: No. No, your headaches aren’t normal. In fact, they’re trying to tell you that something is wrong.

When people suffer frequent or chronic headaches, it may be related to the C1, C2 and C3 vertebrae of the spine, located in the upper portion of the neck. This is due to the neck becoming subluxated(misaligned) and applying pressure to the nerves in the back of the neck. Thus the pressure on these nerves affects how the brain and body are able to communicate, therefore leading to symptoms developing.

How can Chiropractic care help?

Chiropractic care restores normal nerve function by removing the source of nerve pressure at the site of subluxation, thus allowing the nerves to function at 100% ease.

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