What is Mediloop therapy

The non-invasive natural therapy of Mediloop works with electromagnetic energy.

Whilst electromagnetic therapy has been used extensively across the world to aid healing it is the high strength of the electromagnetic pulse that makes Mediloop unique. The Mediloop Centre at Ridgeway Medispa is the first of its kind in the UK.

Short, extremely strong magnetic pulses are released to the body within micro seconds via the treatment loop which is put around the part of the body that requires treatment. These magnetic fields then charge up the cells to improve their performance and natural healing abilities.

Mediloop repairs deep tissue and bones at a cellular level, resulting in non-invasive treatment and quick recovery.

Electromagnetic Energy In The World

“The electromagnetic energy is the elementary energy that each and every organism relies on.”
Prof. Dr. Werner Heisenberg, Nobel prize in physics.

Mediloop Therapy Swindon

Within the core of our planet there is a lot of movement, and the layers of fluid stones (magma) produce an electrical voltage similar to a dynamo. This creates a magnetic field around the earth with an intensity of 0.5 gauss with an average frequency of 7.5Hz (oscillations per second). Our brain oscillates at the same frequency which puts us in harmony with the planet.

Natural electromagnetic, electric and magnetic fields are the basis of physiological life on this planet – both on the large and small scale

Cell Membrane Electrical Potential

Each cell in the human body is an oscillatory circuit which sends and receives numerous electromagnetic frequencies which can reinforce or weaken the cell.

All cells have a cell membrane and the transport of ions leads to the formation of electrical potential between the inner and outer side. The membrane potential of a healthy and active cell is usually between 90 and 100 milli Volt (mV).

Energy Shortage In The Cell Membrane

Often cells are deprived of energy due to lack of activity or nutrition. If a cell degenerates, it reduces its membrane potential and the various exchange functions of electrolytes, minerals, nutrients, enzymes and hormones are compromised and reduced. Rather than the cell voltage being at 90-100 mV it reduces to just 30-50 mV.

Healthy Cell
Sick and old Cells

This energy shortage leads to a reduction of the ability of the immune system to repair cells autonomously and leads to the accumulation of metabolic toxins and weakens the organism’s ability to detoxicate itself.