There are many alternative therapies out there which can help with a multitude of ailments, illnesses, and conditions.

Very few of them, however, work at the cellular level of the body.

Here at Ridgeway Health and Wellness, we are the first centre in the UK to offer Mediloop Therapy, which does exactly this.

Using electromagnetic energy Mediloop pumps regular magnetic pulses into the body, using a treatment loop to direct it to the affected part. The pulsing of the cell enables it to detox, therefore, removing toxins and waste while absorbing more oxygen and nutrients.

Any damage to the joints, bones or tissue will, therefore, be repaired at a cellular level.

This is a great treatment for people with sports injuries, arthritis or sciatica. Essentially for any aches and pains which are deep-rooted in the joints and bones.

In as little as two sessions you could feel the difference and could even be pain-free, although the recommended number of treatment sessions will be discussed on a case by case basis.

Whilst being useful for painful joint conditions Mediloop Therapy can also be beneficial for general health and wellbeing. Regular therapy sessions can help to rejuvenate your cells and therefore rejuvenate your health in general.  This can kick-start your body to self-heal injuries quicker.

It is a non-intrusive therapy and does not hurt whilst being carried out. The most a patient will feel is a gentle pulsating which for some is a relaxing experience.

The benefits of Mediloop are more than just pain relief; as they affect the body at the cellular level there can also be signs of increased movement in arthritic joints and studies have been carried out on the effects of magnetic pulses on fractures.

For a personalised treatment plan bespoke to your particular disorder, pain or concerns contact the team at Ridgeway Health and Wellness.