“Although still having occasional back ache I now have much improved movement. I find that I sleep more restfully and suffer far less with cramp and “shooting pains” in my legs. Following the general improvement in my posture I have regained nearly ¾ Inch in height!!. Everyone at the clinic is helpful – professional, cheerful. Very pleasant surroundings and the program has been very beneficial to me farmacie-romania.com/. I should have considered it years ago.

Mr G.F. — Manufacturing/Driver

“I had suffered for over 6 years with back pain and numbness in my arm and hand which prevented me from being fully operational. I thought surgery was the only option. After 4 months of intensive treatment I am now pain free and able to return to full police duties. Thank you!!”.

Catherine — Age 45, Police Officer

“I have been treated since Feb 2008, after hurting my back whilst at work. Back pain is debilitating and so painful. I had a very thorough consultation. I initiated over a year of excellent chiropractic treatment. I now am pain-free and so grateful for the excellent care I received. I am my normal, smiley face and no more tears! No better way to spend money than to fix me and ensure I can deliver babies until I’m very old!! Thanks Will, you are fab!”.

Charlise Adams — Age 28, Midwife

“I am able to do a lot of things that I could not do before I came here. I could not see an end to my back pain”.

Claire Skuse — Age 25

“I was 27 weeks pregnant when i was diagnosed having Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (PSD) which is an extremely painful and debilitating condition. Physios had sent me on my way with exercises telling me to come back 6 weeks after the birth. By this time i was on crutches and in constant pain. I could not believe nothing could be done. I researched on the internet and a few sites suggested chiropractic can help alleviate the pain. I noticed a little improvement each time I was treated, i didn’t need crutches after 8 weeks and I was able to deliver the baby normally, something my midwife was concerned about before i started chiropractic.

I no longer have any pain thanks to the wonderful treatment that I received from all the doctors and staff”.

Joanne — Expectant Mum