“After nearly 6 years of persistent and virtually daily headaches following a cycling accident, and having endured multiple GP/Hospital visits and treatments. I’ve been almost headache free since chiropractic treatment started. The change has enabled me to start enjoying life again”

Mike Mattingley — Age 45, Development Engineer

“I have suffered from severe lower back pain for a number of years. I had tried anything possible to get it right. I came to Ridgeway Chiropractic and was treated by Simon zithromax pris. I am now 95% pain-free and getting on with my life.

Norja Richardson — Medical Secretary

“I woke up one morning with a stiff and painful back and thought nothing of it. A few days later the pain increased in intensity and I knew I needed help. I was looking for an Osteopath when I saw the Ridgeway Advert. After reading it I contacted them and got an appointment for the following day. After a thorough examination on the day, I started a course of treatment with some exercises. The treatments have done wonders as I am now pain-free and walking up-right again (I couldn’t at first). Along with the treatment I was also given good advice which I have taken on board se puede encontrar aquí. Thank you so very much, Ellie. I would certainly recommend Chiropractic and Ridgeway Chiropractic to anyone who might need to use them.”

Brian Burrows — Age 67

“For years I have had pain in my hips and lower back and I couldn’t turn my head left or right without being giddy or almost falling to the side. I couldn’t use stairs, up or down, because of pain. Six months of headaches as well. I came to the chiropractors and after the second session, the head pain had GONE.

…Now I can walk up and down stairs. I have now been to Norway and climbed the mountains. I am very pleased to have so much normal movement again. 99% better. Thank you all”.

Grace Hill — Age 67

“It is with great pleasure that I write this to thank Ridgeway for the great help they have given me in getting back to walking upright again. For the last 5-10 years, my back has caused me immeasurable pain and difficulty getting about, especially climbing stairs se puede encontrar aquí. “Now thanks to Will I am even running upstairs. Life is really beginning to feel pretty good again!…. Now all I need is to be 30 years younger and a new face – How about it guys, you have worked miracles so far?”.

Gerri Fitch

“Lower back problems began in my early 20’s, progressively worsening and restricting my lifestyle in the next 40 years. Now I’m almost always pain-free and with monthly maintenance, I have the life I should have had all those years. I cannot thank Simon enough”.

Stephanie Burrows — Age 65

“I had, in the past, suffered from back pain on and for a number of years. More recently I had started running again and experienced severe back pain. A thorough diagnosis here at Ridgeway provided me with a comprehensive overview as to what was wrong with my back. I am now well on the road to recovery and already suffering a lot less back pain”.

Mark Hollingworth — Age 28, Chartered Surveyor

“I would like to thank you for what you have achieved with my neck and thoracic spine. My husband wanted me to see you a few years ago, but I had had physiotherapy and osteopathy, I did not think a chiropractor would achieve anything. How wrong was I and how I wish I had seen you sooner. I can now turn my neck to the left and right and it does not cause me pain. I stand up straighter and my spine does not feel stiff and I do not feel as if a pair of hands are on my shoulders trying to push me over. I do not now wake up in the night with dead fingers. I do my exercises twice a day because I know it will stop me from being stiff”.

Dawn Light

“After being treated at this practise I have so much more mobility in my neck after not being able to turn my head at all! I feel so much fitter than before and would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody involved in my care.

Ron Burtenshaw — Age 68

“Chiropractic treatment has given me back the quality of life after years of chronic pain and ineffective physiotherapy treatment. I can now turn my neck, have much less pain, increased flexibility, stamina and strength and a general feeling of well-being” zithromax pris.

Helen Herd — Age 62