“I came in with stiffness, very painful knees and could only walk slowly. Since using the loop the stiffness has improved a lot and my knees are less painful entdecke das. I am now back to my normal walking pace.”


“I had suffered from a painful right shoulder joint for a long time and although my GP tried some medication it only had a partial effect. I saw the advert about Mediloop, read up about the process and decided to try it. Since using the loop treatment my shoulder stiffness has improved dramatically and I have less pain on movement zithromax pris.”


“Have now had 2 sessions on the Mediloop on a tennis elbow injury I have suffered with for 8 months. It is amazing, no pain at all! What a fantastic machine.”


‘For over two years I have suffered from severe sciatica pain. My job as a taxi driver made matters worse due to long hours sitting down. I thought I would never be able to be pain-free again. After hearing recommendations about Mediloop I decided to give it a try, and the results were fantastic espanolfarmacia.net! I felt so much better after the first session, and after just four treatments I feel as I almost never had any back pain.’


“I just wanted to tell you that since my Mediloop treatment my shoulder is now 100% !! I would advise anyone to try it as it has been a long time since I have had no pain in my shoulder joint.”


“I came seeking help for my arthritic ankles. I have very little swelling now after 8 treatments and, they used to ache a lot before but now there is no pain. I can move them better. I am very satisfied with what I am having, I hope Mediloop works for everyone.”


As a professional rider core stability and alignment is important. I can thoroughly recommend Ridgeway Medispa who not only corrected my posture but worked on my core to allow me to perform much better.

Caroline Powell — Team New Zealand – Olympic Bronze Medal 2012

“Until I visited Ridgeway I thought that finally, age had caught me and pain was going to become both a sleeping and walking partner. It’s only after a few treatments that you realise his stiff your body was and how you had gotten accustomed to it arabmenhealth.com https://salud-hombres.com/.”

Lucinda Green MBE — Six-time Badminton Winner

“After 6 weeks of being housebound through illness, I decided to try Chiropractic. Thanks to the friendly and welcoming staff at Ridgeway I am out and about again after only one month. Many Thanks”.

J Rawlings — Age 66

“I was having very frequent and severe Migraine attacks, on a bad week I would have 4-5 attacks in one week. I have been hospitalised on three occasions due to migraines. Whenever I went to my GP my medication dosage just went up and up. The migraines were starting to take over my life. A friend recommended I see a Chiropractor as he had successful treatment at Ridgeway Chiropractic. I started the treatment, I had one migraine at the start of the treatment but have now been completely free from migraines for months and I now feel in control of my life instead of the migraines taking control. I have learnt that all these years I have had the symptoms treated with painkillers. But with Chiropractic treatment the root cause has been found and treated. Many thanks to your team for giving me back my health.

Debra Armstrong — Production Operator